Everyday Life Ofuda are everywhere in Japan

Ofuda are part of Japanese everyday life. They are so commonplace as to be found in homes for the family’s well-being, at stores for prosperity, or hanging on someone’s bike or steering wheel for driver safety. You can’t help but see these amulets somewhere every day. Next time you read or watch OTOMO Katsuhiro’s manga AKIRA, look for the ofuda from Narita-san hanging on Kaneda’s bike! In this chapter of our videocast, we’ll be taking a look at just how deeply these charms are integrated into Japanese life.

ENOMOTO Kazuo    (Saitama Prefecture, Niiza City)
enomotoProfile: Born in 1950 as the eldest son of the15th generation of the Enomoto Family who have always lived in Katayama Village, now a part of Niiza City. Began working at the Niiza City Mayor’s Office in 1969 while still a student at Tokyo Keizai University, and held posts there until retiring in 2010 after 40.5 years of service. Besides continuing the family tradition as patron of the family temple Iō-in at Renkō-ji, a temple attached to the Chisan School of Shingon Buddhism, as well as being the chief representative of Baba Hikawa Shrine, which is dedicated to the tutelary deities of the former Katayama VIllage, he chairs the committee backing up the Niiza Police Campaign for Driving Safety and participates actively in many other local initiatives.