Tradition Yugyō-ji's ofuda

The Jishū School of Pure Land Buddhism began distributing ofuda over 700 years ago after a divine revelation. Their main temple is Shōjōkō-ji (Yugyō-ji) in Kanagawa Prefecture. We will be talking about a special kind of ofuda which, since the time of Jishu’s founder Ippen Shonin, can only be produced by the Abbot of Yugyo-ji.

Tōtaku-san Muryōkō-in Shōjōkō-ji is the official name for this temple, but for people who know it well, it goes by the name of Yugyō-ji. It is the the head temple for the Jishū School of Pure Land Buddhism. It gained the name Yugyō-ji from the frequent visits of Ippen Shōnin, founder of the Jishū School. Yugyō Shōnin, “Traveling Saint”, was one of his nicknames. Fujisawa, the name given to the town that grew up around the temple, is used in its honorific form, Tōtaku-san, when referring to the temple. The town became a well frequented post on the Tōkaidō Road and is today known as Fujisawa City.

NAGASAWA Masayuki   (Schoolmaster at Jishū Shūgakurin)
nagasawaProfile: Born 1975 in Yamagata Prefecture. 2007: Doctorate in Buddhist Studies from Taisho University.
After holding a series of posts such as full-time lecturer at Kyoto Seizan College, is actually a part-time instructor at Taisho University and schoolmaster at the private, religious school, Jishū Shūgakurin.

Principal publications:

  • 『器朴論』書誌考 in 時宗教学年報』29, 2002
  • 「門流における一遍呼称の変遷について」in『西山学苑研究紀要』3, 2010
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